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Seasonal Cashflow for your Small Business

When business fluctuates in different seasons, business owners must be aware enough to prepare for the slow seasons. Businesses needs to account for the highs and lows, so  here are a few ways to remain in control of your cash flow so that your business does not end up blindsided by cash flow issues.

  • Save for slow periods. Strengthen your business’ bottom line by building a strong cash reserve.
  • Determine your peak seasons and slow seasons. Look at historical trends in the market and previous years’ cash flow statements to forecast the business’ slow and peak seasons.
  • Set up a line of credit. The ability to use funds from a loan or credit product can help your cash flow.
  • Enhance your marketing plan. Market and remarket your products and services to your target market to increase sales.
  • Differentiate your product offering. Adding products or services that are valuable year-round can benefit the business and increase cash reserves over time.
  • Create a budget. Knowing your fixed and variable costs will help you forecast for the future, as you’re able to better determine periods of high and low expenses and revenue.
  • Learn about the financial aspect of growing a business. Analyze your finances to have an idea of where your business stands. If you do not understand financial terms and how it affects your business, hire an expert to assist in keeping things in order.
  • Negotiate pay terms with vendors. Ask vendors for discounts and extended pay terms to help retain cash reserves and better manage your cash flow.
  • Create a plan that is based on quarterly and annual financial goals. Achieving goals requires discipline and determination. Establish goals that are attainable and realistic to your business model. Remember that your main goal is to increase your cash reserves for the future.
  • Research funding that will add to your revenue. Grants are a way to increase cash reserves while running your business. Click here to learn about small business grants Grants (

Determine what your business’ financial picture looks like currently, and how you want it to look in the future. Each tip is a tool that will assist you in your journey to financial wellness. Enlist the help of a financial expert to guide you, if necessary.


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